Trial By Social Media


So the time has come, I can put it off no longer. Kicking and screaming I make my way to my laptop and am forced to accept the inevitable, that I must complete the task I had been avoiding for so long – creating my online presence.

As a current MA student in Contemporary Fine Art wanting to make a career out of my artwork after graduation, having an online presence in today’s technology obsessed world is vital. We are blessed to live in a time where artwork can be seen globally by thousands of people and potentially within minutes of completion.

It would, therefore, be absurd to ignore taking advantage of a tool that could grant a global fan base and potentially turn a hobby into a career.

I did briefly have a tumblr account which acted as my only online presence from 2013 – 2015. I had intended for tumblr to act as a portfolio of my work and also a record of my exhibitions however soon I found that posts seemed to pile on top of each other and get lost in the archive of my activity. I had not found a way to separate my work into categories and so finished work would sit clumsily next to the end result of an impulsive visit to an evening life drawing class. It was this, combined with an ever encroaching job in retail slowly but steadily drove my attention away from creating art and thus maintaining my tumblr blog.

Having had quite enough of the awkward conversation that would follow “So, have you got a website?” or “Can you send me your portfolio?”, I have decided to take things seriously and do things properly this time. My presence on social media will be split down two paths:

Path A: Portfolio Website showcasing the best of my work (This is still a work in progress)

Path B: WordPress Blog (this one) linking to social media to display work in progress and my artistic ramblings. This is where the clutter will occur.

So what’s next? I am still investigating the best way to proceed with my portfolio website, the advantages of going through a web hosting service, does buying a domain name matter? How much should I be paying? Should I be paying?

Stay tuned for more gripping tales!



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