What have we learnt so far?

As I sit and fester in my own little cloud of rage, directed towards the shower which seems intent on withholding any level of warm water from my morning routine, I am at least granted the opportunity to reflect on what I have done so far in my efforts to establish my practice online.


WordPress has become quite the favourite of mine, I love its inter-connectivity with social media sites resulting in me only having to post something here and it is instantaneously posted on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. I guess this also ensures that my ramblings reach an audience too.

It is easy to navigate. Yes, at first trying to get to grips with a new way of doing things was completely baffling and I was worried for a while that my posts would be lost in a sea of un-ordered chaos. I did, however, discover the ability to tag posts and have them categorised resulting in all posts of the same tag being grouped together. This is certainly one advantage over tumblr but for a blog am I now running the risk of it looking too tidy?


Creating my facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/LarryWalkertonksART/ , was a bit embarrassing to start off with. Having seen many an amateur photographer with their facebook pages, uploading over edited photo’s of over photographed “tourist-fodder” for three weeks one summer before it trailed into nothingness, I was certainly not wanting to be seen like that. I don’t intend it to be a hobby, I’d quite like to make a career from this. I guess the worst part is the worry of what your facebook friends will make of you when they get the invitation to like your art page, will they think you’re an ego maniac? What was wrong with posting it on your profile like you were doing?

The response so far has been very good, at the time of writing I’ve invited people to “like” me and had 66 do so. I am slowly chipping away at my friends list, unfortunately it seems I am unable to bother my friends list en mass and invite everyone.

At least with my Facebook audience the transfer of art from personal profile to Facebook page seems to be a positive one with similar numbers in audience interaction.


I am still rather confused by Twitter, I get that having a limited character number makes for concise and direct messages but what is it really for? I don’t change what I post based on the platform of social media being used. I have less friends who use Twitter in the same way they do Facebook. Twitter, it seems, is where the professionals and businesses seem to congregate. There is no end of galleries on Twitter, as they do Facebook but Twitter seems to be where you, as an artist, are closest to them. They are much more likely to interact with you on Twitter than they are on Facebook. Gallery interaction seems much more personal on Twitter – worth bearing in mind.


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