With my initial intention to post everyday being largely unsuccessful I figured it was high time I updated you all on what has been happening.

The Exhibition


Above: My work, “Shipwreck 13”, in situ at Chapel Gallery.

Friday evening saw the preview night of “West Lancashire OPEN Exhibition 2016” at Chapel Gallery in Ormskirk.  The standard of the work shown was incredibly high – I really do not envy the position the judging panel were in having to award the prizes among such a pool of talent! The work sat well within the gallery space and also complemented the other work around it. The atmosphere was incredible and staff were keen to engage in conversation about the selected work.   It was great to see how inclusive the gallery was with regards to painting, drawing, print making, ceramics, sculpture, installation and mixed media work. I did, however notice a lack of digital work (work displayed digitally). Whilst perhaps digital artwork is not the cliché “chocolate box” image the public conjure up whilst thinking about art, it is no longer the emerging art form it was, it is no longer emerging, it has emerged, it is current and quite possibly is the backbone of what recent artistic habits and practice are built on. Without greater recognition and inclusion, particularly in smaller galleries, our recent cultural history could be erased or forgotten. This aside the show was fantastic. I was particularly taken with Elizabeth Munro’s ‘Jekyll & Hyde’, a mixed media miniature cabinet containing potions and concoctions (and winner of the student prize). Emily Rusby’s ‘Vending Machine No1′ was very well received on the night, interactive art is highly effective in encouraging the public to interact with art. The piece was a fully working vending machine, inserting 20p would result in the user receiving a snippet of the Communist Manifesto in a capsule. Overall the night was thoroughly enjoyable and I am incredibly proud of what I have achieved.

“West Lancashire OPEN Exhibition 2016” at Chapel Gallery in Ormskirk is open until September 7th 2016.

Online Presence

My aim, ideally, was to post on the blog (here) every day. For one reason or another this has not come to fruition. I have, however ensured that I posted on social media everyday at least, be this Twitter, Facebook or both.

WordPress – I did run into a bit of difficulty with wordpress over the last week which resulted in my lack of posts. I found that I was unable to get more than one blog post to appear per page. I found that this was cured by creating  custom menu in the settings.

Facebook – 

post 3

Above: Statistical insight from my facebook page. 

Whilst facebook is the quickest and easiest way for me to keep the online community updated on my goings on within my practice, it is rather unrewarding at present. My facebook page audience is largely made up of friends. Interaction with them on my art page is ineffective with friends preferring to like/comment on my art through my personal account rather than the art page. Facebook does give me handy statistics of how my page and each post is doing though. Definitely worth pursuing.

Twitter –  Twitter still seems to be where I get the most interaction and feedback on my art by strangers and professionals. I did have feedback from Hollis Fortune Art : “Interesting commentary on FB vs Twitter. Then you have to throw Instagram in there too! Hope you got some hot water…..TY4TF.“. This has resulted me in downloading instagram! I am still rather getting used to that but will keep you updated. I do, however get feedback on both platforms from a good friend, Peter, who was my first real customer and has supported my practice ever since. Without his support I may not have continued with my practice.


Above: Capsule from Emily Rusby’s ‘Vending Machine No1’, taken on Instagram. 

In the studio – Having moved studios last week and after further investigation with my 3D printer pen I feel in a position to bring you news and updates from in the studio. Watch this space!




Grau, O. (2010) MediaArtHistories


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