Playing with Light

In continuing my investigation into the use of clear plastic in my work (and having lost my studio space and more importantly my web installation to a termite infestation) I set about looking for a way to utilise my new studio space in my work.

Having found that my previous installation work with my 3D printer pen was very difficult to document in photographs I found a darkened area that would hopefully be more sympathetic in the visual contrast between work and space.

I began to create what can only be described as a curtain made up of individual strands of drawn plastic, running from ceiling to floor at varying lengths. After layering several rows on top of each other I found that I was unimpressed with this latest installation in its current state, although it was much easier to see in photographs it was less easy to spot, in person, where the thinner end parts of the strands ended – the results of which were rather destructive.


Not being satisfied with this I ended up, quite by accident grouping a few strands together in my hand, noticing that the result looked somewhat similar to fibre optics. All of the strands were then twisted to form a single thread that hangs down from the ceiling, becoming thinner and harder to see the closer to the floor it gets.


Having completed this I noted that, due to the nature of the clear plastic, the strands appear to have a similar quality to ice.

Further playing around with this topic led me to drawing a square. I was mesmerised by the light refracting on the surface, rekindling the sense of awe I always feel when looking at light dancing on a body of water. I had always wanted to be able to recreate this effect in my artwork, I just never suspected that it would come in the form of a drawing!

Throughout the making process of this square I was constantly reminded of the way the water moves in the Silver Swan, located at Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle.

Further investigation is on the way,



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