A Different Kind of Reflection

With my recent studio activities focusing on capturing reflections of light, perhaps it is now time for another kind of reflection – a critical reflection.

Here is a brief overview of where we are so far:

Online Presence

I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted my online presence to pan out through discussion with many artists (visual or otherwise).


I have taken quite a lot of inspiration from the arrangements of Julie Macbean and some fellow students in that the website and blog would be separate entities.

The Portfolio website would be static and feature the best of my past work and exhibitions in a portfolio format.

The blog would act as a sketchbook, documenting the development of ideas and featuring mini essays where I incorporate theory into critical reflection.

The blog is linked to social media and shares posts from one platform to another.


Through several recommendations I decided that Wix was the best option for me to create a portfolio website. The pricing seemed fair and would allow me to have a domain name (I think it looks quite bad to be advertising yourself as an artist and then not have your own domain name).


Unfortunately finances just have not allowed for me to be able to connect to any of these premium plans in the long term and I am having to (through clenched teeth) use a wix domain name and a free site plan.


In fairness, the free plan isn’t bad at all! I have been able to get a sufficient number of photos onto the site, it is extremely easy to use (taking me a matter of hours to get to grips with it) and the creative freedom you have is not something I have experienced with my blog. The blog has set templates that you must adhere to whereas the wix site builder gives you complete freedom to move anything anywhere! I think it looks pretty good.

If I could commit to a plan, however, I would do so in a heartbeat!


The blog continues to be a vital tool for me, having totally dispensed with using a sketchbook for some time now. I’ve found that regularly writing about my work helps to focus thought see the path ahead so much easier. There are times when I feel that I need to include theory in my blog posts which sometimes results in some blog posts making it online a few days after the work was created.

WordPress also gives me some insights into the performance of the blog:


The blog appears to be gathering pace, my online presence is starting to accumulate followers way beyond my own social circle now.


I do love my wordpess blog and would be hard pushed to give it up!


Facebook also gives me statistics into how I’m doing:



I do really like the facebook platform for sharing my art practice but trying to get interaction from those it is reaching is near impossible. There are a dedicated group of around 5 people who interact with what I post to facebook so I am starting to wonder wether I should focus less on this platform.


I’m finding that Twitter is brilliant, it is much more successful in getting my work seen by the right audience. My only real grievance is that I’ve yet to find a video format that works with it!

Studio Practice

Although I’ve not really got much in the way to show as a finished piece or concept in the studio yet, I feel that experimentation with clear plastic ABS in my drawings has put me in good stead to return to my insect drawings and eradicate all trace of ‘craft’ from my work. It has already proven to be quite successful when used in my insects as the sneak peak below shows:


I am now feeling ready to consider my 3D work for exhibitions.



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