Making a Box

Further inspired by the Silver Swan at Bowes Museum (Barnard Castle), and with my 3D drawing in clear plastic looking not too dissimilar to water I somehow found myself continuing on with my drawing and creating a cube.


Unfortunately the photographs don’t really do the piece any justice, it looks so much better in the flesh! I love the way that the cube doesn’t quite look solid, there is still very much a sense of movement.

The whole aim of this little avenue of exploration was to finally portray the effects of light reflecting on the surface of a body of water, however, for this to happen with my drawing there needs to be movement. In order to combat this I suspended the cube from a stool frame using an ABS thread drawn with my 3D printer pen. The delicate threads ensure that the suspension method does not detract from the overall aesthetic and they also encourage movement from the slightest vibration.

In order to demonstrate the cube catching the light I filmed a short video but unfrtunately it appears the quality has suffered through the upload process.

Although beautiful, this area of investigation is more of a sidestep to my current practice. I’m not sure if I will continue to make more of these type of pieces, if anything it has helped me to bed in my skills with the pen and this new clear filament.

Until next time,



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