I recently discovered a photo editing app for smartphones called Prisma. It allows users to edit their own photos with a selection of preset filters that are reminiscent of several artistic styles. Users are able to tone down their chosen effect if a more subtle image is desired.

I played about with it and my own work, some of the results are shown below:



How useful is it to artists? Probably not very, it does feel very gimmicky and aimed at those who have not yet properly connected with the art world – content to transform themselves into something from the world of Roy Liechtenstein. As a gimmick anything created through this app is ‘tagged’ with the Prisma logo – seriously restricting its use to no more than social media. As an artist it does feel like cheating to see just how well the app transforms your photographs into works of art in their own right, knowing that with time and effort you could achieve the same end product.

Saying that, the app is entertaining and provides at least a good starting point for artists. For a free app the amount of content you get is astounding but I am wary that, like other photo editing apps, the future may focus on how to monetise the product and bring in restricted features for those who do not want a ‘premium’ level of editing options.




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