In the Studio – Not Painting

Again, I must apologise. This is another belated post – almost a month late! Ooops!

The quest for a suitable piece of art for my Dad’s birthday continued! I returned to a medium I was confident with, the trusty Biro Pen.

I wanted to retain the North East transport connection and searched for images Busses from my hometown’s past, finding a West Hartlepool Trolley Bus and an image from 1901 depicting a Tram.


West Hartlepool Corporation Trolley Bus No.4 circa 1924

Once the vehicles themselves had been drawn out onto the paper then the surrounding area was brushed with water before I sprinkled Brusho onto the page. The pigment then flows around the dampened area and creates fields of fantastical colour, often suggesting a dream-like sunset.


Hartlepool Electric Tramways No.17, Church Street, 1901. 

It is worth pointing out that the pieces shown here are some of the successful pieces out of about eight that were made, some being let down by bad colour choices at the brusho stage and some not quite right at the drawing stage. Depicted below is one of those successes, a Blackpool Balloon Tram.


Blackpool Balloon Tram 712.

This post rounds off the work made in Allerton Studios, Salford. I have now moved into a nice new (albeit smaller) studio and have begun to make very different work of which I will keep you posted on.

Until next time!


In the Studio – I’m NOT a Painter

Another rather late blog entry!

I had intended to paint a lavish piece for my Dad’s birthday reflecting his interest in vintage busses and recognisable elements from my home region (the Tees Transporter Bridge).

It all started out so well, I found a gorgeous photograph online, showing a red and cream West Hartlepool Corporation Bus dwarfed by the Tees Transporter Bridge and had drawn out the basic lines of my interpretation onto paper. This is when things started to go a bit wrong! In some sort of crazed frenzy I had elected not to use a single paintbrush in the making of this piece, instead using only my hands to reflect the strong industrial history of the region (or so I told myself). From there the painting became a stronger statement for “isn’t it grim up north” than it did a birthday present, the bus became obscured and its distinguishing West Hartlepool Corp features were lost behind the snowy blizzard that I had created – one person commented on how nice the London Bus was that I’d painted and I knew that was that!

You can see the finished painting below:


My suspicions are once again confirmed, I am still not a painter! I think I’ll stick to drawing.



In the Studio – Rounding off

I realise I’ve not been posting on here again (oops!) and its about time for an update. Since the last post I’ve taken a bit of a break from my insects to spend more time looking into the materiality of my work.

First up here’s a selection of ‘paintings’ created with a 3D printing pen.


Still being captivated with the clear plastic filament I decided to explore that further, opting to incorporate light into the piece itself to enhance the way in which the light dances on all of the imperfections in the drawn line.


The finished piece is quite striking, even if I do say so myself!