In the Studio – I’m NOT a Painter

Another rather late blog entry!

I had intended to paint a lavish piece for my Dad’s birthday reflecting his interest in vintage busses and recognisable elements from my home region (the Tees Transporter Bridge).

It all started out so well, I found a gorgeous photograph online, showing a red and cream West Hartlepool Corporation Bus dwarfed by the Tees Transporter Bridge and had drawn out the basic lines of my interpretation onto paper. This is when things started to go a bit wrong! In some sort of crazed frenzy I had elected not to use a single paintbrush in the making of this piece, instead using only my hands to reflect the strong industrial history of the region (or so I told myself). From there the painting became a stronger statement for “isn’t it grim up north” than it did a birthday present, the bus became obscured and its distinguishing West Hartlepool Corp features were lost behind the snowy blizzard that I had created – one person commented on how nice the London Bus was that I’d painted and I knew that was that!

You can see the finished painting below:


My suspicions are once again confirmed, I am still not a painter! I think I’ll stick to drawing.




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