In the Studio – Onwards and Upwards

Reflecting on the work I’ve made for the past few months perhaps now is the time remove the restrictive aspects of that line of enquiry so that I may continue making fresh work.

Firstly, purely focusing on the creation of 3D insect sculptures provides limitations in the few connotations that they embody, mainly those of fantasy that do not allow for artistic depth.

Second comes the issue of scale, the limitations of the 3D Printing Pen (in particular its short power cord and the difficulties of manoeuvring an extension lead around a piece)  very much determined the size of work I was able to make. The output of the pen was also an issue here, the filament that goes into the pen is 1.75mm in thickness and the output material thickness is entirely dependant on the speed that one works. For example, one 15cm square side of the clear 3D cube would take at least an hour to make. A task that soon became monotonous and tiresome. If only there was a larger (or ‘bold’) version of the 3D printer pen that ‘printed’ in much thicker strands.


In my most recent work I am removing the figure of the insect, I am removing the 3D Printer Pen as the primary element of my work. I want my work to feel less clumsy, as I look more toward sculpture and incorporate other materials into my line of enquiry – using the 3D Printer Pen to accentuate the work rather than be the sole aspect of it. I am also embarking on the journey of scaling up my work.


The two pieces shown here have been created with polystyrene bricks and gardening wire. This wire is tough and quite difficult to shape by hand. In order to establish a less clumsy aesthetic from the 3D Printer Pen I have used it only for the purpose of creating very thin strands, these have the same feel and appearance of hair. They are but a starting point, I’m not sure if they are successful or not yet – its early days!

Until next time,



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