In the Studio – Expanding My Sights

After it being suggested that I look at the work of Nathalie Djurberg I decided to try and incorporate other materials into my sculptural work and started to look into the qualities of expanding foam.


Initially I used a cardboard box as a container for the foam and noticed that it had taken the form of a somewhat pot-bellied torso.


At this point I had decided to avoid going for a flesh tone as it felt too obvious a choice, it was only after completion of this piece did I realise that I wish I had in fact stuck to my gut instinct.

I chose a deep blue colour and had planned to paint some copper highlights into the this, akin to something from Avatar but a visit to Manchester Art Gallery soon changed that.

I was hugely inspired by the work of Maiko Takeda and in particular the ‘Atmospheric Re-entry head pieces’, 2013 (pictured above). I noted similarities in the thin and delicate strands of material used in Takeda’s work and the thin, hair-like quality that my 3D printer pen could produce.


I chose grey filament for this piece so that it would stand out against the dark colour of the ‘torso’, they were drawn with the 3D Printer Pen and then placed in the craters and crevices created through the foams expanding process.


It was at this point I wished I had used a skin tone instead of the blue but that’s another story!



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