In the Studio – Things Get a Bit Hairy!

Back in the studio things have gotten a bit weird! I set about sacrificing more cardboard boxes for my investigation into the qualities of expanding foam, this time aiming to create something more akin to flesh than the previous effort.


Once fully expanded and hardened I attempted to remove the foam from its box container. In doing so I accidentally created “wings”, amused by this, I have decided to keep them.

Disturbingly, the foam has appeared to take the form not too dissimilar to the shape of our intestines, it is this quality that I am particularly keen on. This association has been further exaggerated with painting in flesh tones.

Concerned that this looked a bit too perfect, “nicey nicey” and like a medical learning aid I applied a thin coat of black wash intended to accentuate the craters in the foam and to highlight the paint strokes.

I was concerned that perhaps this was a step too far as the outcome created what looked like charred or infected flesh. I created another piece that would not be treated to the wash in order to compare them.


Without wash. 

First up, the piece that was left clean (above) – as it were. I feel that the lack of dark wash works on this piece but that is because of the difference in appearance. This piece is more tumorous in appearance than the other piece, the natural shadows caused by the raised “veins” needs no further enhancement. I feel a wash would only distract the viewer. This piece did cause issue in that it left very few craters for the 3D printed “hair”.


With Wash.

As you can see, the piece that had the black wash applied is much more gruesome in appearance, having an unworldly quality of something not quite living. I do feel that the wash makes for a much more exciting piece but that perhaps it needs to be more subtle so that it looks believable.


I used the 3D Printer pen once again to fill in the craters of the foam and populate my “flesh” with little patches of hair. This time I used black filament to be more in keeping with the human association.

I particularly like the close up shots, both pieces are utterly disgusting (and I love it). I now need to search for my reasoning behind what I am doing as it seems to have escaped me. This is one occasion where the work comes before the meaning.

Until next time,



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