Paper Gallery – The Cat Show

Tucked away in the shadows of Manchester Victoria Station/Manchester Arena you may find Paper Gallery, a charming micro-gallery with some serious cat-titude.

Their current exhibition, The Cat Show (12th November – 17th December) will paws-itively brighten up the day of anyone familiar with the true purpose of the internet – cat videos.


Cathy Lomax – It woke him up because it was hungry (The Long Goodbye)

Over twenty artists have delved into all aspects of feline life and are showing their work in The Cat Show, an impressive feat considering the space available and the work is displayed in a playful and topical way; the use of Cat accessories as a display method (see below image) is litter-ally a stroke of genius!


What is most telling about the work in The Cat Show is that you can identify those artists who own and live with cats and those who experience them through meme‘s and video’s whilst procrastinating. The rhetoric of those who own cats is perhaps slightly more jaded and long suffering!

The Cat Show brings together such a rich and diverse collection of Cat Art that is guaranteed to satisfy even the most hardcore of cat enthusiasts and procrastinators.


Lisa Wilkens – Three Nights

In a world that takes itself too seriously, The Cat Show is the perfect remedy. Allow your spirits to be lifted through  new look into the world of our feline friends.

The Cat Show runs until December 17th at Paper Gallery, Mirabel Street, Manchester and is free entry. Its Purrfect!


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