In the Studio – Things don’t always go to plan!

I’ve recently been trying to find objects that I can use to force my expanding foam objects into different shapes (as opposed to squares) with the results being not quite what I was expecting.


The first object I’d selected was a peg basket, I thought the holes in the basket might provide some nice, gnarly tendrils (or similar) and might look quite like intestines. What I had failed to account for was that the foam would indeed push through the holes in the basket but that was as far as they really went, creating individual finger-like appendages that did not connect. To remove them from the plastic would have removed their rather pleasing and natural formation so I had to incorporate the entire foam covered basket into this piece and disguise the origins of the object (this will be covered in a later post).

Another unexpected aspect of this piece occurred after I had left the studio for the night. The foam had continued to grow and expand and has gained a beautiful but tumour-like growth. This is the organic but disgusting aesthetic that I feel my work needs.


Whilst in an art supplies shop I came across these charming cardboard photo frames. The frames themselves have a tiny aperture for keeping your photographs, perhaps only capable of holding tiny thumbnail images but in terms of my own work, I felt that these were crying out to be used.


The aperture space was filled with expanding foam and then levelled off. The foam has continued to grow and has taken the form of a spot/pimple. I’m going to play around with this and see how I can make it more uncomfortable and disgusting for the viewer.

The last object that I have been experimenting with was this chip tray. The two ends were clipped together to create a tube and the expanding foam squeezed into the middle.


The initial signs were promising, the foam was creeping through the holes in the material and creating a delicate looking ‘fur’.

Unfortunately that’s when it all started going wrong! The foam continued to expand in very much the wrong places….


Well, not really much to say here!

Until next time,




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