Rogue Artists’ Studios – Oct 2016


Apologies for another belated recounting of my art visits. October 2016 was host to Rogue Artists Studio’s open weekend.

The open weekend showcased the entirety of the massive, warren-like  building and its artists in what was a wonderful celebration of talent tinged with sadness. 2016 would be the final year that Rogue studios would exist and the building prepared for demolition.

There were so many artists in the studios that it took me an entire weekend to view all of the artists showing work. Among them, I found the work of Abraham Emajaro to be particularly gripping.

“Abraham Emajaro, born in Bradford Yorkshire, is a self taught Multimedia Artist whose array of work includes the exploration of the subconscious and the hidden recesses of the mind, such as the hidden symbolism within dreams.  His work draws inspiration from the works of C.G.Jung’s, ‘On the Nature of Dreams’ and Freud’s. ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’.

His idea of employing materials he has found on travels, is an eclectic mix of domestic and commercial junk of everyday life, and has become and all consuming passion.  An array of Box Construction, Assemblage, Sculpture, Painting, Photography and Video has been created.

In his box construction entitled ‘A shrine for the Nocturnal Poet’, for example, he employed materials culled from junk shops, flea markets, car boot sales, rubbish skip and the streets and alleyways of Manchester” (Emajaro, 2016).

Other work from the show can be seen here:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All in all the show provided the perfect send off for the studios, thank you Rogue.



Emajaro, A. (2016) Abraham Emajaro multimedia artist. Available at: (Accessed: 13 January 2017).


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