Exhibition News – GRUNDER : Version 1.0

Larry Walker-Tonks welcomes you to ‘GRUNDER : Version 1.0’; a pop-up exhibition of sleazy sculpture and lewd paintings. Larry presents a satirical yet sobering look at our social media habits and the immense pressure put upon social media users to drop their morals, standards and their pants with little regard for their own sexual health.


Join the party at AATMA’s basement*, enjoy the booze, forget your morals, meet a lover, loathe the music.

14-16 Faraday St
M1 1BE


*AATMA is an 18+ Venue

This is the first of a two part exhibition, ‘GRUNDER : Version 1.2’ takes place on the 4th September 2017 at the LGBT Foundation in Manchester (6pm-9pm)