Exhibition News – Just Experimenting: Playing the Sexual Edge of Film

I am beyond delighted to announce that my video piece, “Got any pics?“, will be shown as part of ‘Just Experimenting: Playing the Sexual Edge of Film’ at the Centre for Sex and Culture in San Francisco, California.


About the event:
The second annual ‘Just Experimenting’ experimental film screening ‘Playing the Sexual Edge of Film’ concerns the topic of sexuality and testing the limits: edge play, power exchange, pushy bottoms…what does it mean to “play the edge” in film and video?

Showing works by:
Actually Huizenga and Socrates Mitsios, Olivia Sparrow and JF Hancell, Shine Louise Houston, Dale John Allen, Chen Wang, Cole Montminy, Paul Wiersbinski, Fex Orumwense, Larry Walker-Tonks, Kun, Callum Harper, Rococo Royalle, Negar Nakhai, Kenneth Riley and Ramona Pond, Isabelle Crespo Rocha and Stéphane Billot, Mark Carr, and Matthias Von Braun.
Ambient video by Marilyn Roxie, Danica Uskert, and Jet Caputo before and after the hour-long program.
Accessibility: The Center for Sex and Culture has a 32 inch wide front door with a slight incline. There is a bathroom that will accommodate heavy chairs (no support bars – forthcoming installation).

About the curators:
Marilyn Roxie is an independent artist filmmaker, music videographer, and curator. Themes expressed in their work includes androgyny, queer masculinities, glitch, and the relationship of found image versus creative authorship. They have directed music videos for Pictureplane, Natural Snow Buildings, DYR FASER, and Momus. Curated video screenings include those for Artists’ Television Access, the Center for Sex and Culture, LUDWIG, and isthisit?. Roxie lives in Manchester, England. You can see their work at https://vimeo.com/marilynroxie
Danica Uskert is a dis/abled, pansexual, polyamorous, mixed-race (Filipina-Slovak) multimedia performance artist and filmmaker. Her bdsm and fetish-themed work focuses on memory, trauma, self-love, identity, representation, and rebuilding one’s sense of self after sexual assault, abuse, and half a lifetime as a former sex worker/professional submissive. You can find more of her work at http://www.filmandfishnet.com/, follow her on vimeo at https://vimeo.com/danicaannauskertquinn, or on twitter @donnauwanna
Jet Caputo is a multi media video artist who often utilizes the special abilities that a hi-8 video camera has to offer. With an organic and homemade feel, he blends documentary techniques with expressionism to present themes of eco-eroticism, a connection to the earth, and self image. To see his work, visit https://vimeo.com/krapnekpark or on Instagram as @krapnekpark

About the films:
Dale Allen John – ‘The First Homosexual / An Art Film’
The First Homosexual plays on reversing the shame surrounding sex and a self-exploration of my own sexuality. It is a voyeuristic piece demanding the audience to observe and listen.
Olivia Sparrow and JF Hancell – ‘Drowning’
Drowning is a short film showing an act of consensual drowning, highlighting the romantic and sexual nature of an otherwise violent act.
Chen Wang – ‘Utopia Process’ (2nd Place Prize)
In her new work Utopia Process, she portrays a fantasy playful world that expresses desire, chaos, and fear.  The piece represents a place of hope and performed beautifully, but it is also pointing towards to a dystopian vision of current society.
Cole Montminy – ‘Came to Your Senses’
An exploration of how childhood molds our sexual being, other oddities of human attraction and distraction.
Isabelle Crespo Rocha and Stéphane Billot – ‘REVOLVER’
A man and a woman spits into each other’s mouth. Their faces are gradually covered with saliva. This performance deals with the ambiguity and violence in couple relationships. The exchange of saliva both symbolizes passion (French kiss) and deep hatred. The fact that faces are covered with saliva creates a link with pornography and the imperious practice of the facial ejaculation. It also refers to the colonization of desire and the expropriation of flesh by mainstream porn culture.
Callum Harper – ‘Modern Day Tinder Profile’
Modern Day Tinder Profile is a video regarding queer dating and love in the contemporary technological era. In the pursuit for suitors and true love in the sex obsessed MSM demography, the video work displays the reality of hyper sexualisation and an incessant need for online validation and intimacy amongst the cacophony of texts and dick pics.
Actually Huizenga and Socrates Mitsios – ‘SoftRock I’ (1st Place Prize)
pop rape/ snuff pop
Negar Nakhai – ‘ONAN’
This film is an elegy to Onan, to the pyro that lights the libidinal flame merely to watch the orgasmic combustion and to lament its ensuing demise. ONAN is a somber celebration of the libidinal energy that escapes the capitalist mill of reproductive sexual energy. The two subjects in the film are never within the same frame, and thus their separation metamorphoses into a yearning that the viewer experiences as well; a yearning to see.
Rococo Royalle – ‘Monochrome’
They stand amidst the colorless bars of paint. Dressed in their nudity; uncensored flesh and erotic heat. Their boundaries defined by stark contrast and form. An autonomous, thriving form. Curves, stretch marks, curly hair. They blend, and they embrace. They fuck in their blissful mess, haphazard limits diminished to silky grey smears. Moans, kisses, and gloves parallel intimate explorations. Visible, visibly, fucking in ecstasy.
Shine Louise Houston – ‘NAKED’ (3rd Place Prize)
Trying to leave the house proves difficult… 
Paul Wiersbinski – ‘Relron E’
These were the golden days of dancing and raving, rage and lust. The pleasures and distresses of the deranged body, which never wanders far before receiving the only poetic action in most people’s life: death.
Kun – ‘Milk and Honey’
Sensuality And sexuality Milk of mother. Milk of meself .milk of an animal
Matthias Von Braun (director); Normen Luzinsky (camera); Eva Cornelisse and Olivier Tafforin (performers) – ‘Switch’
Two post-humans awaken in an endless void. They discover each other and a ballet of dominance and submission begins. 
Mark Carr – ‘Boundaries’
This work explores how: on the one hand we may find ourselves mentally or physically broken; while on the other, how we can be inseparably bound to desires, ‘good and bad’. BOUNDARIES asks more complicated questions about the nature of these dilemmas and whether there is a line to be crossed and where this line may or may not lie.
Kenneth Riley (concept creator / director / camera); Ramona Pond (actress) – ‘Pushing Ordinary’
In this ultra short clip about a girl going about her daily chores, we see not just the completion of ordinary tasks but the taboo fantasies that go along with them as well.
Larry Walker-Tonks – ‘GOT ANY PICS?’
‘Got Any Pics?’ is commentary on the use of lewd pictures in today’s online culture as a means of communication where nudes and dick-pics are traded like a commodity.
Fex Orumwense – ‘Crotch’
This short film explores my misunderstanding of  ‘gender related gesture’ (grabbing crotch) during my adolescence. 

Just Experimenting: Playing the Sexual Edge of Film
Friday, June 8th 8:00pm-9:00pm
Doors open at 7:30pm
Center for Sex and Culture
$5 to $20 at the door – 100% of the proceeds go towards supporting the Center for Sex and Culture.