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Apparently, there are people out there who do not appreciate being inundated with disgusting artwork and phallic imagery! For those naysayers I have the answer you have been looking for.

Due to the nature in which my own contemporary art practice has evolved I have found that my name has become associated with the GRUNDER “brand” of artwork. Of course, I don’t just make GRUNDER related artwork, recently I have been creating items from sea glass and wood, but I feel that displaying these new and less phallic-shaped items alongside the GRUNDER work would create a weird and distracting juxtaposition.

So, for the purposes of keeping the two different subjects away from each other (they fight terribly you know) I have finally resurrected DeFault Art Project. DeFault was (and still is) a collaborative project for artists, creatives and makers alike.

“Dear world,

We are back! Six years and over 100 miles later, DeFault Art Project is back.

Who are we? Artists, Creatives, Makers all working together to produce gorgeous goodies and unique artworks.

What have we been doing? We have recently been creating stunning new pieces of artwork, design and jewellery with an emphasis on recycling and re-using old items.

You can check out a (very) small selection of what we have done on our new site:

 or our Etsy store:

 More will be added in due time.

Where can you see us? You can catch us next at Moist Presents : A Christmas Cracker, 12pm-5pm at LGBT Foundation on Sunday 2nd December 2018 where we will have lots of unique and glamorous offerings for you.

Facebook event:


Exhibition News – A Place For Friends


I am delighted to announce that I will be showing work as part of ‘a place for friends’ at hARTslane, London from the 14th – 17th November 2018.

17 Harts Lane, New Cross Gate, London, SE14 5UP

Exhibiting Artists:

Faye Turner / Benjamin Murphy / Bob Bicknell-Knight / Jake Major / Brenda
Vega / Ollie Onley / Becky Hancock / Sarah Wolker / Sid and Jim / Daisy
Latham / Larry Walker-Tonks


“a place for friends: The slogan of the once giant social networking website, the unrivalled choice for our online interactions during the
Fast Forward to the present day, now a plethora of apps compete for the
screen time we spend on our smartphones. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
Youtube, Snapchat, Whatsapp, tumblr, reddit etc. offer us numerous ways to
connect and communicate with anyone from a closest friend to an anonymous
stranger in any part of the world.
So how exactly do these technologies shape us? The personas we create
digitally, our curated social media pages. The comments we leave on
anonymous message boards and whether we choose to upvote and downvote
the opinions of others. The vitriolic arguments and the well meaning debate we
have underneath Youtube videos and breaking news stories. The mountains of
data collected from our internet histories. Do these online profiles present a
genuine reflection of who we really are?
Together with ROOM 6.4, a place for friends intends to further the conversation
around such questions and explore how we are affected as individuals by the
rise of social media”.

Link to Facebook Event: