Exhibition News – Apocqueerlypse

I am thrilled to announce that I will be showing video work as part of Apocqueerlypse in London on the 10th August 2019.

“The world is ending. Let’s celebrate its greatest hits”

video still

“Science says we have 10 years to turn it around before we fully screw the pooch. In case they’re right, we want to throw a fabulous goodbye party celebrating the achievements of our best and brightest.* 

SXRVXVE is throwing an ‘Apocqueerlypse’ banger of a night out in London in August. Think: video art party with all the best tunes from our pop, soul, and hip hop queens, and a celebration of under-appreciated icons. No decade is off limits: this is the ‘Best Of’ edition of the human race. 

Just like the Berlin Dadaists in Nazi times, we’re not accepting the end of the world without an absurdist, political art party and a few drinks in our hands. Like all of our nights out, the event will be a fully immersive, artist (slash tequila) -driven space. 

Eyes on this space for our full list of participating artists, helping us celebrate the last several thousand years of human creation. We’ll be highlighting the triumphs of trash culture, pop culture, forgotten culture, queer culture, and everything in between.

*We’re not going fully fatalistic yet. Please vote, contact your political representatives, agitate, volunteer, and donate. We’ll be accepting donations at the event to the National Resources Defense Council, who are on the front lines of advocating for climate action and fighting Trump’s attacks on the environment, and we’ll continue to share other resources and great charities in advance of the event”.

grunder shot

Apocqueerlypse takes place on the 10th August 2019 for one night only at ‘Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes’ in Shoreditch, London from 9:30pm until late (or very early for those who like to party).

I will be showing video piece, “GRUNDER, HE WROTE” as part of this amazing party!

Apocqueerlypse is hosted by SXRVXVE. SXRVXVE is an interdisciplinary curatorial platform dedicated to presenting artworks and projects engaging with social, political, and cultural systems of power. By showcasing the work of artists responding to social inequality, the failures of the criminal justice system, and other systems that work to silence marginalized voices, SXRVXVE pushes the boundary of how we understand justice, revealing how art, media, and performance can defy structural oppression and offer vehicles for expression, support, and closure.


Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes

32-36 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, E2 8DA London, United Kingdom