The Journal of Writing in Creative Practice

I have recently received word that Volume 13, Issue 1 of The Journal of Writing in Creative Practice: ‘SMS (Social-Media-Speak) as/for/in creative practice’ is the most downloaded issue that has ever been published in the series after its publication in January 2020.


Why am I telling you this?

Contributors to Volume 13, Number 1 ‘SMS (Social-Media-Speak) as/for/in creative practice’ are: Emma Bolland, Paul Conneally, Gabrielle de la Puente, Robert Fitterman, Tina Francis, Patrick Goodall, Yvette Greslé, Brenda Hickin, James Kennedy, Hardeep Pandhal, Matthew Parkin, Simon Morris, Zarina Muhammad, Alison Raybould, Sid Sidowski, Carol Sommer, Mark Staniforth, David Steans, Cathy Wade, Gavin Wade, Larry Walker-Tonks, Gabriella Warren-Smith, and Steven Zultanski.

Why am I late in publicising this news?

News of my first academic essay being published in The Journal of Writing in Creative Practice was a bit lost due to a house move and since the start of this year the world has got a little bit crazy. Still, better late than never!

The Journal of Writing in Creative Practice is the official organ of the Writing Purposefully in Art and Design (Writing PAD) network. It offers art and design institutions an arena in which to explore and develop the notion of thinking through writing as a parallel to visual discourse in art and design practice. The journal aims to extend the debates to all national and international higher educational art and design institutions.

This issue of the journal has been worked on tirelessly since 2018 and would not have been possible without the leadership of Guest Editor, Zara Worth. I must say a huge thanks to Zara for putting me at ease with my first bit of published academic writing and for her help and insight into what was needed.

I must also express my gratitude to Simon Morris who suggested me to Zara in the first place! Please do look at both Simon and Zara’s work, they are incredible artists!


The Journal of Writing in Creative Practice: ‘SMS (Social-Media-Speak) as/for/in creative practice’, Volume 13, Number 1, 1 January 2020 is still available to download and purchase.

Find out more about the journal here:

Purchase the Journal (Volume 13, Issue 1) here:

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